Youth Clubs

Why is it Important to Start Early?

At Members Choice of Central Texas Federal Credit Union, we believe the road to lifelong financial well-being starts early. Youth who join the SCRATCH Club or JAMMS Club will be above average in comparison to their peers when it comes to money smarts and know-how.

A national study shows that just ten hours of personal finance education can positively affect students’ spending and savings habits for a lifetime.

FamilyMint is designed for members’ ages 5 to 16 years old. As a member of Members Choice, FamilyMint Premium is provided at no cost—a $25 value! With this online award winning budgeting and educational program, kids take the reins, allocate savings, set goals, and make transactions while the parent acts as their “banker”. In a stimulating, interactive way, kids see how money works, and the positive results of planning and saving.

Youth club accounts are a perfect way to teach your child the importance of saving. Two clubs for two groups, with special advantages for both. Start your children on the road to financial success today by encouraging them to open an account today.

  • SCRATCH Club – A saving club for children 12 and under with an initial deposit of $5 to a savings account.  Click here for more information.
  • JAMMS Club (Junior Money Management society)* – A Savings club for children 13-18 years old with an initial deposit of $5 to a savings account. Other benefits available are:

JAMMS Checking account

*With the exception of the JAMMS savings account, all JAMMS services require a parent or guardian as joint owner or joint borrower.