Your account activity is important to monitor……

The free eAlerts service is an e-commerce feature that Members Choice has added for the convenience of our members. Maybe that’s why we’re growing and adding new members every day!

The more you are aware of your account activity, the better you’ll manage your finances. With Members Choice eAlerts you can have account activity alerts sent to your mobile phone or e-mail address within minutes of the transaction.

How do I set up an eAlert?

Sign into your Members Choice Online Branch account.

If you aren’t signed up for the Online Branch then you’ll need to do so. Click here to go to Online Banking to signup.

Once signed in to your Online Account, click the “eAlert link” to begin. The default eAlert settings include email addresses, cell phone addresses, notification times and detail level.

Choose the type of eAlert you would like to set up from the drop-down.

Some of the free eAlert notices that you can set up are:

  • Daily Balance Alert – Know your balance, daily
  • Direct Deposit Received – An alert sent when a direct deposit has been received
  • NSF/Courtesy Pay Alert – Get alerted to any overdraft, courtesy pay or non-sufficient funds activity and the amount it is for
  • Loan Payment Due Alert – Decide how many days before the due date you want to be notified
  • Checking Account (Draft) Withdrawal Alert – Alerts you when a check or withdrawal has been made
  • Checking/Savings Low Balance Alert – Input a minimum balance for your checking or savings account. If the account falls below that balance, an alert is sent
  • Line of Credit Balance Alert – An alert so you know what your balance is on your line of credit
  • Checking/Savings Transfer Alert – Know when a transfer has occurred on any share.
  • And many others, customized the way you want them

There is no monthly fee for eAlerts, however, text messaging fees may apply. Please refer to your mobile phone company for individual text message fee plans. You must be signed up for our Online Branch to set up and edit eAlerts.