Telephone Express

254-776-6581 or 800-283-7139

 Access Your Account 24/7/365

Your money and account information is as close as your phone. For 24/7/365 service, simply call our local or toll-free number and quickly and easily complete these type transactions:

      • Obtain account histories
      • Transfer money between accounts
      • Verify if a check has cleared
      • Access your line of credit
      • Make loan payments
      • Make check withdrawals

Call Telephone Express at 254-776-6581 or 800-283-7139

If you’re a new user, call either phone number listed above and then press “3” for the main menu of services and follow the prompts to establish your access code.

Or – use our Mobile App!
Click the image below for the free App for your smartphone or tablet.

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